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4 Nutrient Rich Foods To Curb Hunger Pangs

There are times when you really don’t have time to grab lunch or even think about eating. However, such days can take your stomach for a roll. It is vital to have something nutritious and healthy every day and this should be done at regular intervals. Your system doesn’t work on bulk orders. You cannot consume 10 health tablets or supplements in one day and not bother about eating anything for the rest of it.

Health supplements complement your food requirements but they are not complete foods in themselves, especially chemical based ones. These drug supplements are given for a limited period to help your body recover from malnutrition or the lack of particular drugs. Remember that if you are not having healthy food then supplements will also be of no use. The simple reason here is that a lot of foods help in absorption of these chemicals and supplements.

Best Nutrient Rich Foods To Curb Hunger Pangs

1. Iced Green Tea

These sandwiches are like your best gal pal for those in between You can have them for breakfast or even when you get hunger pangs. Basically green tea helps you absorb the other supplements that you consume. For most people, they are a complete supplement drink, loaded with nutrients and anit-oxidants. Iced green tea with lemon is the perfect drink for a hot day. Not only will it help you lost weight and stay fit, but it also is low on calories and high on nutrients.

2. Nuts And Dried Fruits

For instance, no one likes to have unhealthy fats. But there are certain healthy fats that are essential for our body and help in the absorption of these foods. Hence, you can add some nuts like hazel nut, cashew, almonds, etc. to your shake, which are rich in fatty acids, without piling on too many calories. These nuts and dried fruits like apricots, prunes, etc. have a lot of antioxidants too. These help you in staying younger and healthier at the same time. One has the option of blending these dried fruits and nuts with your favorite fruits. You can also munch on them whenever you get pangs.

3. Berry Smoothies

One great healthy drink here is berry smoothie. You can make it with the choice of your favorite berries like strawberries, raspberries or even blue berries. These berries are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. Hence, instead of bothering to have a lot of different kinds of supplements, you can have these berries smoothie. The best part is that you are getting multiple benefits from a single glass or drink.

Add some yogurt or milk to the berries smoothie. These dairy products offer you the goodness of proteins and healthy bacteria, without adding any extra calories. All that you have to do here is take out the blender and throw in some berries, milk and yogurt along with your favorite nuts or dried fruits. Just switch on the blender and enjoy this heavenly mixture. If you want a sweeter taste then you can add some honey or brown sugar, which are lower in calories and healthier too.

4. Vegetable Juice

If you are looking for a blend of vitamin A blends great with zinc and iron then vegetable juice is the best bet. You can add some spinach and carrot with tomatoes to create your health drink or supplement. To spice things up and add some taste throws in some ginger or a little bit of rock salt with jalapeno peppers. Not only will this make your drink tastier, it will urge you to try some new combinations every day.

Tip: Remember, do no strain the smoothie or juice. You want all those fibers to go into your body also. The idea is that the nutrients consumed by the body should be manifold. You are getting your dose of fibers, proteins, vitamins and fats at the same time. This smoothie is a great breakfast drink and you can carry it to work or have it on the subway. You get all those healthy ingredients in a single glass of drink. There is no need to have health supplements if you choose to have this natural supplement every day.


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