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The Fall Season Is a Natural Libido Booster

Fall is a time where the leaves change colors, the air feels crisp, the scent of pumpkin lingers on, and the sex drive boosts up. The sex drive boosts up? Yes, according to an article by Jena Pincott from the Riverfront Times, various medical studies support the notion that autumn has a positive effect on our libido or sex drive.

Studies were done on men and women throughout a single year, revealing that testosterone levels for both were at their highest during the fall season.  Although the exact reasoning behind this isn’t clear, there is mention of the possibility that because other animals experience a mating season in autumn, that our animal instincts kick in around the same time as well. After all, we are mammals too!

Ladies, are you feeling down about those extra pounds from all of the pumpkin pie and warm fall meals? Well don’t feel discouraged! The article suggests that this seasonal rise in testosterone increases a heterosexual man’s overall attraction to women.  The Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation found that being exposed to smells highly associated with autumn such as pumpkin pie and lavender increased blood flow by 40% in males.

The pleasure center of the brain is directly linked to the olfactory bulb (where we process smells) and it’s suggested by the results of this research that smells associated with comfort or nostalgia can trigger a sexual response in men because men have evolved to be “sexually primed by food”.  Who would have known, you can have your pumpkin pie and attract your man too!

What’s better than a cup of hot chocolate and a comfort movie to snuggle up with your significant other to? The study shows that cooling weather could also be a component to increased libido because we naturally seek warmth when we feel cold.  We seek both physical and emotional warmth, which would instinctively motivate us to feel more affectionate and to increase our desire for physical intimacy. Yes, go ahead cuddle; it’s the perfect time to do so!

Facebook is telling me I’m the only single person out of my friends! Do you feel like most of your friends are getting engaged lately? Well,  this time of year has also been associated with more committed relationships as a Facebook study found that more people changed their statuses from “Single” to “In a Relationship” in the fall and winter months.  Reports show that this time of year is also the most fertile season, especially in November and December, with birth rates being at their highest approximately 9 months later in August and September.  Aiming for a baby? Maybe now is the right time.

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