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Does Turmeric Cause Any Side Effects?

In this vast and endless Universe, everything has its limitations. Things which are good for we human being can prove detrimental and disadvantageous for us.

In short, every term, object, idea, thing and kinds of stuff present in this world holds a certain number of restrictions and limits. If we tried to cross their limits, then the possibilities are that good thing can prove extremely dangerous and exotic too. We often term such situation as misuse and/or overuse. 

Have you ever come across such a situation in which you were taunted by an elderly person for overusing certain things?

Well, surprisingly, what they are telling is correct. Hence, we must always consider using things in a limited amount so that they may not cause any harm to you.

We all know that increasing the intake of junk food can cause serious health-related problems, which can also prove fatal in some condition. 

But do you know that overconsuming turmeric can cause problems in your whole body and may also lead to Un-healthiness?

Generally, most of the ayurvedic medicines like neem and aloe vera doesn’t cause bad effect to the human body because of its medicinal property. 

But as it is mention that overconsumption of anything is just like consuming poison or alcohol. 

Turmeric Side Effects

Here are some turmeric side effects on the human body.

  • Increased Heat 

Normally, spices that generate a hot and spicy flavour in our taste birds also increases the temperature of our body.

Spices like black pepper, cinnamon, cumin seeds, along turmeric are the cause of heat generation in the human intestine.

Increasing body temperature can cause many long-term body problems like heatstroke’s, dizziness and fatigue. In some cases, the human body quickly gets angry and/or even anxiety.

  • Acidity

Acidity occurs when we increase the intake of foodstuffs, which are acidic. Food items like lemon, pineapples, pepper and all the other spice powder contain a high amount of acidic chemicals.

Although, turmeric powder is not an acidic substance until and unless if you are consuming this with a glass full of warm milk or with honey.

The chemical composition of this ayurvedic substance change if you consume any of the acidic eatables. It can lead to Gastric Ulcers, liver disorder and burning sensation in the stomach.

  • Stomach Disorder

Turmeric or Haldi is understood to boom the digestive acids for your body and motive infection for your belly, which could cause stomach ache and cramps.

Due to this, there may be a hazard of growing kidney stones. Turmeric includes positive enzymes like oxalates that bind the calcium to shape insoluble calcium oxalate. It could be a primary reason for kidney stones.

If the disease is not diagnosed immediately, then the chances are that the person main die.

  • Allergy

It is feasible that you’ll be allergic to certain compounds that we find in turmeric. These compounds can cause rashes, outbreaks or even shortness of breath. Allergic reactions can arise from each ingestion and pores and skin contact.

3 Best Turmeric supplements

What turmeric supplements we recommend?

1.  Vitapost Turmeric Plus

Vitapost Turmeric Plus contains curcuminoids and BioPerine. The product is organic. Therefore it is free from any side effects. 

2. Qunol Turmeric

Similar is Qunol Turmeric; it has an ultra-high absorption rate and helps relieve temporary inflammation.

3. TurmaSlim

You should use TurmaSlim to avoid such an allergic factor. It also boosts your metabolism and improves a considerable amount of energy in your body.

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