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What Hair Growth Pills Work Best?

Hair growth pills are effective for maximizing hair health and its growth. However, they cannot change factors such as genetics that are also vital for hair growth. They may be used to make hair thicker and longer.

Factors to consider when choosing hair growth pills

  • Look for the ingredients and formulation depending on your hair loss type. Some hair loss may be experienced from stress, age, hormonal imbalance or vitamin deficiency and may need varying causes of treatment.
  • Check with a certified physician or dermatologist- many pills are widely available but may not have been subjected to clinical trials. Consult the named professionals for a proper diagnosis for hair loss. Hair loss may result from scalp diseases or infections and other hair loss problems may be isolated specifically to the hair shaft.
  • Health requirements- avoid hair growth pills that may distract your body functions. For example, those with gluten-sensitivity or allergy issues should get gluten free products. Before taking hair growth pills talk to your doctor about any health conditions that you may have such as kidney and liver diseases.
  • Manufacturing quality- make sure that the chosen hair growth pills meet federal guidelines designed to ensure quality standards. Select pills that are certified and approved for quality assurance.

Best hair growth pills

Finasteride (Propecia)

This is a pill taken daily in 1mg dose. It works by lowering dihydrotestosterone(DHT) levels, and is hence believed to reduce hair loss in majority of men. As a result, it achieves a measure of hair regrowth. It treats male pattern hair loss by blocking the production of the male hormone that stops hair growth in the scalp. It can also be used to treat excessive hair growth in women. Some of its side effects include dizziness, trouble breathing, allergic reactions, testicle pain, breast enlargement, depression, rashes, itches and hives. Taking finasteride may increase the risk of developing high prostate cancer.


These pills lower body inflammation. They are prescriptions for hair loss caused by inflammation. Some of the side effects include acne, water retention, glaucoma, high blood pressure and susceptibility to infection. Considerations should be made before administration to older people, children and breastfeeding mothers.

Spironolactrone (Aldactone)

This pill slows down androgen production. Reduced androgen production slows down hair loss progression. For those who have not undergone menopause, birth control pills taken with spironolactrone may be prescribed. Regardless of age, spironolactrone may be prescribed to be taken with minoxidil. It may cause low blood pressure and other common side effects are drowsiness, nausea, weight gain, slow sex drive and fatigue.


This pill is commonly known as Rogaine and is recommended for younger patients. It is a hair loss treatment product that when applied directly to the scalp twice a day may result into thicker hair on balding spots, stimulating hair growth. It is available in liquid or foam and can be bought over the counter. It may cause side effects such as dry cut, scalp itchiness or irritation and growth of unwanted hair on face and neck.

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